Bridge the Gap Consulting


Bridge the Gap understands the defense industry needs. Specifically, BTG realizes that in today's asymmetrical Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), the defense industry is required more than ever to provide for an exceptionally skilled, highly responsive, and culturally adaptable force. To assist in fulfilling that mandate, BTG has developed a proven formula to rapidly deliver on defense industry requests.

Bridge the Gap takes pride in its ability to rapidly integrate into a working team and begin the immediate process of providing insightful feedback from which to build a viable course of action. BTG further understands that useful advice and feedback are relative terms. If the information given is not timely and insightful then it is of little value. BTG's proven background analysis and current network ties both within and without to the theater of operation and its support missions ensure its value.

What also drives our success in defense technology development and transition is our partner network advantage and source domain expertise within the community as listed below. 


Finally, we are dedicated to helping our clients to assist the military in providing for our country's defense. This is our success. Bridge the Gap, your partner from boardroom to battlefield.


BTG Network Advantage



  • NRL

  • DIA

  • CIA

  • DOE

  • ONR

  • AFRL 

  • TSWG

  • DHS

  • ASD/HD


  • ARL

  • FBI



  • OSD


BTG's Areas of Expertise


Technology Development & Transition


  • Funding Paths

  • Concept Development

  • Operational Analysis

  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)


  • DoD Market Situation Analysis

    • Marketing Strategy Development

    • Acquisitions / Mergers / Teaming Analysis / Legislative Strategy


  • Consulting Support

    • Training and Services Support

    • Proposal Preparation and Support

    • Proposal Writing Support

    • Business Planning Support


  • Assessments

    • Management and Program Assessments

    • Customer Requirements Identification/Surveys

  • Transition Partner/s Assistance